If These Are The Best Where Are The Rest


All people that enjoy e-cigarettes will be aware that there are hundreds of different flavours to choose from.

An indication of the total number can be seen in this survey of 30,000 people carried out recently. The compilers of the survey asked all these e-smokers to name their favourite.

The survey called itself the top 20 e-flavours and at number 20 was a flavour that came in with a fan club of 1.1%. The next ten or so scored not much more until we get to the last 3 and the figure creeps up to 3 and 4%.

The winning juice scores 8.65%. Now I’m not a statistician but somewhere here is the clue that if the top twenty juices can only come up with 8.65% and the twentieth position is just 1.1% then these twenty make up less than 20% of all the flavours available.

If all the rest are progressively less than 1% then it tells you there must be many hundreds of flavours in total.

So what is the nation’s favourite or best e liquid UK? Sadly I don’t know as this particular survey was carried out in the USA.

In the USA every State has a different attitude to e-cigarettes. Even the liberated State of California tried to ban them a few years ago and it was Arnie the Governor that got his own way and said it would have to be a Federal law before he would post a ban.

Attitudes are different around the world but the UK concludes that they are far less dangerous than conventional cigarettes and are therefore allowed.

There is however a difference between allowed and encouraged. They are encouraged for heavy smokers to help them stop the habit. But they are not to be encouraged for the young that have never smoked tobacco products in the first place.

Most smokers of e-products today in the UK are ex heavy smokers of tobacco cigarettes. In these electronic devices there may be the mild nicotine drug but importantly they don’t contain the cacogenic chemicals found in the conventional tobacco product.


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