Choose E Liquid Vape Flavour

Depending on your outlook, finding your favourite vape flavour can be a pleasure or a bind. There are so many of them that it may be necessary to work your way through the whole gambit before finding the ultimate one to suit.

Most cigarette smokers find it very hard to give up the habit. Not many have the will-power to wake up one morning and tell themselves they will never put light to a cig again.

Then there are the majority of smokers that lose the fight with their conscious self and light up at the first urge.

Those that fall somewhere in between the two camps may find they want to give e-cigs a go. These are increasingly popular with many trying to give up the weed. And there are plenty in that condition.

The fact is that tobacco cigarette smoking is without doubt on the decline in the UK and many other countries around the globe.


In the UK we pay one of the highest prices for cigarettes in the world. And it’s certainly very annoying to remember that most of your hard earned cash spent on cigarettes is going straight to the Exchequer.

Switching to e-cigs means having to find your favourite vape juice. When you look at the names of the hundreds of them it’s not easy to choose.

With names like Bubble Melon. Cake Ice Cream and Candied Mango to name just three, you get an idea of the problem.

Many people like to experiment and mix their own flavours. This can be as difficult as mixing a new successful alcoholic cocktail.

We’ve all been to some exotic hot climate where at the end of the day we’ve enjoyed a summer cocktail. But when we buy all the ingredients back home and prepare the drink to stun our friends, somehow it’s just not the same.

So there’s no need to mix them all up. Just buy small amounts of a selection and work your way through.


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