Whacky And Wonderful E-Juice Names

With e-cigs there is the possibility to experiment with well over a thousand different flavours. This is not like tobacco where most brands are very similar.

They’re not as harmful as tobacco either. And this is the reason they have become so successful over recent years.

In most countries the law doesn’t differentiate between the two when it comes to legal age. This is because neither should be encouraged for someone not already addicted to tobacco.

The idea of e-cigs is to help smokers of tobacco products to get out of that habit. And all the signs point to a decreasing number of tobacco dependent people, certainly in the UK.

Less than one in five adults in the UK now smoke cigarettes. This is mostly because we have learnt more about the long term health hazards. But it’s also because of cost.

The tobacco giants are concerned and so are governments. Just as governments make so much income from tax on fuel so too do they collect vast revenue from tobacco.

And now they are making just as much from vape, although you’re likely to spend more on the product compared with tobacco.


Vape liquids are manufactured by a number of companies and many of these have whacky names. A popular brand such as one hit wonders concentrate on an array of fruity flavours as well as offering a creamy aftertaste.

The only way to discover the flavour you most like is to try them all. This will only take a year or more so clearly this should be thinned down.

Maybe try a handful of fruit flavours and then an assortment of some exotic different ones. Looking at best-selling lists may help with your decision making.

Most e-liquid supplies are best found online. Although, conversely, one of the giant tobacco companies have opened a large store in one of the most expensive shopping malls in Milan.

Like other tobacco producers perhaps they have seen the writing on the wall for tobacco as this store only sells e-cig supplies.


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