Premium E-Juice: Three of the Best Brands in the UK

As a vape enthusiast, I’ve had the privilege of trying and testing hundreds of e-juices from many different brands. Overtime, there have been some clear brand leaders. Today, I’ve picked five of my favourite brands. This is my top 3 list of premium e-juice creators and I thoroughly recommend them.

Cosmic Fog
This Californian manufacturer has all of the ingredients that you’d expect from that region of the world. The flavours are sweet, fresh, and zingy. They clearly spend a lot of time perfecting their flavours, and I’ve never vaped a dud.


It’s definitely a good choice for those of you who like sweet, summer juices. This is the perfect juice to take to the beach on a sunny day. My personal favourite is their Milk & honey vape.

If you were around in the ‘80s, then you might remember the bazooka sweets that you could buy for 1p or 2p. They were great and it was always a competition with your friends to see who could hack the sour flavours.

Well, prepare to relive your youth with this range of vape juice UK. They have a few sweet flavours, but it’s the sour flavours that really get me going. They’re fantastic. I especially like them first thing in the morning – they give me that morning kick that gives me the energy for the rest of the day.

One Hit Wonder
This range is my all-time favourite. They’re very inventive with their flavours – they recently bought our Muffin Man and it’s amazing!


They’re another Californian-based company. I’m not sure what it is about California, but they do produce a brilliant range of vape liquids. The good thing about buying from the UK is that you know the juices are regulated by their food and health industry, so even if you buy their vape juice UK¸ you know you’ll be safe.

It’s one of the most popular brands of e-juice, and once you try it, you’ll realise why.

That concludes the article for now. If you are interested in trying out some of the juices available from Cosmic Fog, Bazooka!, and One Hit Wonder, then please visit