Four Things That Are Annoying About Vape Shops

Vaping is great. I love it. I’m a self-confessed hipster and I like that I’ve got a funky habit to play with; plumes are so much fun! Still, even though it’s a fun habit, in some ways it can be incredibly annoying and pretentious – and when a hipster calls something pretentious, you know it must be bad.

Today, I’ve decided to talk about my pet peeves when it comes to vaping. I’m sure many of you will agree. Maybe a vape shop owner will see this and start to change their ways. I’d definitely appreciate it!

When They Give the Juices Stupid Pretentious Names

Why do vape manufactures have to give their juices such weird names? How am I supposed to know what “Fluffy Cloud” and “In the Matrix” are going to taste like?

We don’t have taste-vision yet (like television, except you can taste stuff) so I have no idea how the Matrix tastes? For all I know, it tastes like Neo’s sweaty crotch. No thanks.

And “Boulevard”? What kind of flavour is that? Doggy-do pavement flavour? What…?

vape juice uk

When I buy my vape juice UK, I want to know what the real flavour is, not how clever the person who thought up the name might be.

When They Only Make Juices Is One Strength of Nicotine

Despite the names, I’ve managed to find some awesome flavours in my time, but I’m often let down by the amount of nicotine in them.

For some reason, some manufactures make all their juices 3mg. THAT’S NOT ENOUGH FOR ME! I rage for more at 3mg (see, I even text shouted thinking about it).

Sure, I can add my own, but it would be nice if some of these manufactures catered to a range of people.

When They Only Sell Vape

Yeah, vape is important, but it obviously isn’t the only thing that we need to vape. I’d quite like it if they added other stuff to their stock, like coils and batteries. I know many do, but there are certainly some that haven’t caught up with this yet. I like to buy my stuff at the same time. It saves money on delivery costs.

When They Leave Fake Reviews

There’s nothing worse than falling for a liquid because it has so many good reviews. Once it turns up, though, it tastes like cat intestine (not that I actually know, but you get it). You go back and look at the reviews again and you notice that they’re all written by the same person (same spelling mistakes). That just puts me off from ever buying from vape juice UK from that retailer again. It backfires, so I don’t know why the leave the fake reviews. It’s weird.

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