e Cigs Not What They Seem

There are a number of terms to describe electronic cigarettes such as vaping or juicing. But it is clear that there is not just one word that we all use.

Cigarette in any dictionary is described as chopped tobacco in a thin rolled piece of paper. So it seems a bit strange to call vaping as an electronic one.

One point that is clear, is that this phenomena is growing in popularity. It comes about at a time where tobacco is already a declining business in the UK. Since the turn of this millennium, the number of adults that smoke has nearly halved.

Furthermore, the biggest drop in numbers is amongst younger adults. Some people suggest that with all of the recent legislation and general feeling that smoking is antisocial, that tobacco will cease to be sold within the next ten years.

At the last count it is estimated that little more than 15% of the adult population in the UK smoke tobacco regularly. The same survey reckons another 5% are users of e-cigs.

Considering that this alternative has only really been around in the last couple of decades, that’s a remarkable number.


There are thousands of e cig juice, vape juice flavours to choose from and with an ever growing selection of different devices to use, it’s clearly a booming business.

The UK is now second only to Sweden as the lowest users of tobacco amongst adults in thirty European and Scandinavian countries. So there is a definite swing that is beginning to reflect numbers entering hospital with tobacco related diseases.

The single biggest reason smokers start on electronic cigs is to help them dump the tobacco habit. It’s not intended to encourage non-smokers and is illegal to sell to anyone younger than eighteen.

Not everyone can get to grips with these alternative cigarettes but it’s always worth persevering as they are clearly less harmful to both body and wallet.

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Three Tips to Help You Make the Transition from Smoking to Vaping

Are you thinking of swapping your smoking habit for a vaping habit? If you are, it makes sense. Vaping is definitely safer than smoking, even if the risk of vaping aren’t as low as we might hope.

In order to ensure that the habit sticks, you need to make some good decisions early on. We often see people making the same mistakes and this leads them back to the path of smoking, which is a bad path, clearly, because it causes a host of health issues.

Fortunately, take care of the following three areas and you will make the transition from smoking to vaping much more likely to succeed.

1. Go for the high nicotine juice.

Right, the first thing to do is to keep your nicotine levels up for now. You’re probably moving to vaping in order to reduce your nicotine habit, but to make it easier and to make it more likely to succeed, you need to ensure that you’re still getting the right dose of nicotine; otherwise you’ll just crave your cigarettes.

First, get used to the habit of vaping, and then cut down on your nicotine. For this reason, start your vaping from 18mg/ml to 20mg/ml of nicotine

2. Buy a beginner’s kit:

Sometimes people buy kits that are too complicated. Vaping is a new technology and it has numerous facets. You need to learn how to vape before you move on to the luxury ecig mods. The starter kits are simplified and easy to maintain and use.

ecig mods

Too many people turn away from vaping because the process confuses them, or they do things wrong so their juices taste off. Try one of the following mods:

  1. Sigelei ZMAX
  2. iJoy RDTA
  3. Fusion 2

3  Buy cheap initially, but don’t skimp on the juice or cotton.

Finally, avoid buying cheap e-juice or cotton. These can produce bad flavours, and you might end up blaming vaping, rather than what’s to blame, which is cheap equipment and liquids.

Follow this advice and it will make the transition from smoking to vaping much easier. You can start your journey now, at http://www.no1ejuice.com/.