Two Things You Need to Do to Become a Vaping Connoisseur

That’s right, you read that correctly, I said “vaping connoisseur”. Just as wine has connoisseurs, so does vaping, and I’m not being posh by saying that! It’s true. Vaping juices come in a huge range of flavours and they have different consistencies and ingredients ratios. These all add up to the creation of juices that are different from one another, and this means that you can make value judgement on which is better.

OK, so some of it (maybe all of it) is down to personal taste, but I think it’s a good idea to become your own connoisseur. Work out which juices you really like, and then enjoy them fully. Life is about enjoying the moment, and you can definitely get more or less enjoyment out of vaping, depending on the juice you choose. Here are my top tips on becoming a vaping connoisseur.  

Clean the Palette

If your palette is not neutral, it will affect the taste of the liquid. For instance, if you’ve just eaten a fat curry with loads of chilies, onions, and garlic it will affect the taste of the e-juice. You won’t be able to judge it properly.

My advice is to try new juices when you have a clean palette. Don’t eat any strong flavours for at least 12 hours, and make sure that you rinse your mouth out with water before you sit down to enjoy your vape session.

Clean Your Instruments


If you’re smoking your e juice through an unclean vaporiser, then it’s highly likely changing the flavour of the juice. Some vaping juice UK is very subtle in flavour, so the presence of old vapours in your vaporiser is going to affect the flavour. This is something that many people forget to do – or don’t realise that they are supposed to do it – and then they wonder why a juice that they used to love begins to taste odd.

OK, so now you know how to become a connoisseur, and it doesn’t take too much effort. Just a bit of concentration and a little bit of cleaning is all you need to do.


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There’s that old classic song written 83 years ago about smoke getting in your eyes and it’s continued to do just that ever since.

As a non-smoker married to an avid smoker it can be very irritating. But you quickly learn that if you sit upside so the smoke goes the other way, the breeze will always change so that you will suffer sooner rather than later.

So these e-cigs seem to be a better option. Apart from the fact they don’t contain all the dozens of foul chemicals tobacco contains, it’s not smoke but vapor.

And with so many thousands of flavours there are some very pleasant aromas even for the non-smoker.

If you go online and look to buy eliquid, as they are sometimes termed, you will be amazed at the variety.

This relatively new product is based upon propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine with added flavours. The flavours are natural or synthetic just as used in the food industry.

For people trying to get off nicotine but can’t in one leap then some of these products contain varying amounts of that product. Others are nicotine free so you have to make sure to read the label.

One manufacturer of these products has done his own market research and concludes that the e-cig almost certainly helps people get off smoking altogether. This means that if a tobacco smoker wants to stop then the e-cig is the direction to go.

It’s also revealed that the best-selling juices are the ones much lower in nicotine than the higher levels. All this points to a gradual reduction so that the ex-conventional cigarette smoker will eventually stop the e-cig as well.

Globally, e-cigs is now a two billion dollar industry and contrary to the belief that because the flavours contain sweet products such as honey and berries there is absolutely no evidence that it is attracting under age children.

So if you are a heavy tobacco user and you realise that the doctor is right and your health is suffering then give it up immediately. And if you cannot do that, then do it gradually with e cigs.

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