A Good Selection Of Eliquids Are Available

E cigs are like mobile phones, once you have been bitten by the vaping bug and you get more experienced in using them, you will want to upgrade your device continually.

Because smoking is now largely taboo in public places, these vaporisers have hit the market in a big way to compensate for smoking the dreaded weed.

Vape Liquid UK

Unlike smoking you will need a Vape Liquid UK.  These are produced in many flavours.  Because it could be said that vaping can be more expensive if you upgrade your pen all the time, there are cheap e-juices available online and in the shops.  They may bring down the cost of vaping a little.

However, if you are buying on the internet, where you can peruse different flavours at leisure, you will probably get a better deal than in your high street shop.

If you have no idea which flavour you would like, you are able to buy a starter pack with smaller samples for you to try out.  They are half the size of regular e-juices so you can try a selection out in your own time.

Al the e liquids on the market today contain nicotine, but some not, PG and VG, plus the flavourings that give them a particular taste.

When you first start off you should choose nicotine content carefully.  You will have acquired a certain strength when you smoked and you should match that.  If you have it in mind to reduce nicotine content later there are juices available in all strengths, including no nicotine at all.

If you accidentally choose the wrong one, and some of them are quite potent, it will make you feel nauseous and sick.

The jury is still out on whether e-cigs are safe.  All that can be said is that there are no by products such as tar in the liquids.  Whilst nicotine is addictive, the other ingredients in regular cigarettes are quite harmful to health.

If you should get your nicotine level down and inhale fewer chemicals, the vaporisers are probably a healthier option.

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Four Things That Are Annoying About Vape Shops

Vaping is great. I love it. I’m a self-confessed hipster and I like that I’ve got a funky habit to play with; plumes are so much fun! Still, even though it’s a fun habit, in some ways it can be incredibly annoying and pretentious – and when a hipster calls something pretentious, you know it must be bad.

Today, I’ve decided to talk about my pet peeves when it comes to vaping. I’m sure many of you will agree. Maybe a vape shop owner will see this and start to change their ways. I’d definitely appreciate it!

When They Give the Juices Stupid Pretentious Names

Why do vape manufactures have to give their juices such weird names? How am I supposed to know what “Fluffy Cloud” and “In the Matrix” are going to taste like?

We don’t have taste-vision yet (like television, except you can taste stuff) so I have no idea how the Matrix tastes? For all I know, it tastes like Neo’s sweaty crotch. No thanks.

And “Boulevard”? What kind of flavour is that? Doggy-do pavement flavour? What…?

vape juice uk

When I buy my vape juice UK, I want to know what the real flavour is, not how clever the person who thought up the name might be.

When They Only Make Juices Is One Strength of Nicotine

Despite the names, I’ve managed to find some awesome flavours in my time, but I’m often let down by the amount of nicotine in them.

For some reason, some manufactures make all their juices 3mg. THAT’S NOT ENOUGH FOR ME! I rage for more at 3mg (see, I even text shouted thinking about it).

Sure, I can add my own, but it would be nice if some of these manufactures catered to a range of people.

When They Only Sell Vape

Yeah, vape is important, but it obviously isn’t the only thing that we need to vape. I’d quite like it if they added other stuff to their stock, like coils and batteries. I know many do, but there are certainly some that haven’t caught up with this yet. I like to buy my stuff at the same time. It saves money on delivery costs.

When They Leave Fake Reviews

There’s nothing worse than falling for a liquid because it has so many good reviews. Once it turns up, though, it tastes like cat intestine (not that I actually know, but you get it). You go back and look at the reviews again and you notice that they’re all written by the same person (same spelling mistakes). That just puts me off from ever buying from vape juice UK from that retailer again. It backfires, so I don’t know why the leave the fake reviews. It’s weird.

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Whacky And Wonderful E-Juice Names

With e-cigs there is the possibility to experiment with well over a thousand different flavours. This is not like tobacco where most brands are very similar.

They’re not as harmful as tobacco either. And this is the reason they have become so successful over recent years.

In most countries the law doesn’t differentiate between the two when it comes to legal age. This is because neither should be encouraged for someone not already addicted to tobacco.

The idea of e-cigs is to help smokers of tobacco products to get out of that habit. And all the signs point to a decreasing number of tobacco dependent people, certainly in the UK.

Less than one in five adults in the UK now smoke cigarettes. This is mostly because we have learnt more about the long term health hazards. But it’s also because of cost.

The tobacco giants are concerned and so are governments. Just as governments make so much income from tax on fuel so too do they collect vast revenue from tobacco.

And now they are making just as much from vape, although you’re likely to spend more on the product compared with tobacco.


Vape liquids are manufactured by a number of companies and many of these have whacky names. A popular brand such as one hit wonders concentrate on an array of fruity flavours as well as offering a creamy aftertaste.

The only way to discover the flavour you most like is to try them all. This will only take a year or more so clearly this should be thinned down.

Maybe try a handful of fruit flavours and then an assortment of some exotic different ones. Looking at best-selling lists may help with your decision making.

Most e-liquid supplies are best found online. Although, conversely, one of the giant tobacco companies have opened a large store in one of the most expensive shopping malls in Milan.

Like other tobacco producers perhaps they have seen the writing on the wall for tobacco as this store only sells e-cig supplies.

Choose E Liquid Vape Flavour

Depending on your outlook, finding your favourite vape flavour can be a pleasure or a bind. There are so many of them that it may be necessary to work your way through the whole gambit before finding the ultimate one to suit.

Most cigarette smokers find it very hard to give up the habit. Not many have the will-power to wake up one morning and tell themselves they will never put light to a cig again.

Then there are the majority of smokers that lose the fight with their conscious self and light up at the first urge.

Those that fall somewhere in between the two camps may find they want to give e-cigs a go. These are increasingly popular with many trying to give up the weed. And there are plenty in that condition.

The fact is that tobacco cigarette smoking is without doubt on the decline in the UK and many other countries around the globe.


In the UK we pay one of the highest prices for cigarettes in the world. And it’s certainly very annoying to remember that most of your hard earned cash spent on cigarettes is going straight to the Exchequer.

Switching to e-cigs means having to find your favourite vape juice. When you look at the names of the hundreds of them it’s not easy to choose.

With names like Bubble Melon. Cake Ice Cream and Candied Mango to name just three, you get an idea of the problem.

Many people like to experiment and mix their own flavours. This can be as difficult as mixing a new successful alcoholic cocktail.

We’ve all been to some exotic hot climate where at the end of the day we’ve enjoyed a summer cocktail. But when we buy all the ingredients back home and prepare the drink to stun our friends, somehow it’s just not the same.

So there’s no need to mix them all up. Just buy small amounts of a selection and work your way through.

If These Are The Best Where Are The Rest


All people that enjoy e-cigarettes will be aware that there are hundreds of different flavours to choose from.

An indication of the total number can be seen in this survey of 30,000 people carried out recently. The compilers of the survey asked all these e-smokers to name their favourite.

The survey called itself the top 20 e-flavours and at number 20 was a flavour that came in with a fan club of 1.1%. The next ten or so scored not much more until we get to the last 3 and the figure creeps up to 3 and 4%.

The winning juice scores 8.65%. Now I’m not a statistician but somewhere here is the clue that if the top twenty juices can only come up with 8.65% and the twentieth position is just 1.1% then these twenty make up less than 20% of all the flavours available.

If all the rest are progressively less than 1% then it tells you there must be many hundreds of flavours in total.

So what is the nation’s favourite or best e liquid UK? Sadly I don’t know as this particular survey was carried out in the USA.

In the USA every State has a different attitude to e-cigarettes. Even the liberated State of California tried to ban them a few years ago and it was Arnie the Governor that got his own way and said it would have to be a Federal law before he would post a ban.

Attitudes are different around the world but the UK concludes that they are far less dangerous than conventional cigarettes and are therefore allowed.

There is however a difference between allowed and encouraged. They are encouraged for heavy smokers to help them stop the habit. But they are not to be encouraged for the young that have never smoked tobacco products in the first place.

Most smokers of e-products today in the UK are ex heavy smokers of tobacco cigarettes. In these electronic devices there may be the mild nicotine drug but importantly they don’t contain the cacogenic chemicals found in the conventional tobacco product.

3 Things I Wish I’d Known about E-Liquid When I First Started Vaping


More and more people are turning to e-cigarettes and vaporisers as they try to give up smoking. Personally, I think that’s a great idea, and they definitely helped me quit for good; I haven’t’ smoked a cigarette in two years now! However, there are a few things that I wish I’d known about e-liquids before I started vaping. I’m going to share these with you now – hopefully, it will stop some of you falling into the same traps I did.

  1. You need to shake the bottle from time to time. When I first started vaping, I thought that e-juices went off within a couple of week. That’s not because anyone told me this, but because I noticed that after two or three weeks, I couldn’t taste them anymore. They didn’t taste foul; they just tasted of nothing. It took a few months, and some unfairly thrown away juices, before I realised that they really just needed shaking up.
  1. Juices can contain pure VG but pure PG is foul.

A typical E-juice contains vegetable glycerine (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), water, flavour, and nicotine (nicotine is generally optional). However, that doesn’t have to be the case. You can buy e-juices that have 100% VG (it’s a bit confusing calling it 100% VG, because they still have water, flavour, and may or may not have nicotine.

However, this is how a non-PG based e-juice is labelled in the UK). These are fun, because you can make huge plumes of smoke. However, a pure PG juice is not nice. Don’t make the mistake I made. It will hurt your throat, the vape clouds will be impotent, and it will taste bitter.

  1. Avoid darker colours if you don’t want to clean your vaporiser too much.

The best place to buy e liquid UK sells a huge range of flavours. They range in colour from almost see through to very dark. Over the years, I’ve learned that the darker colours are ‘stickier’. They leave a residue inside your vaporiser, and you’ll have to clean it every few days. It gets tiresome.

Also, if you go for the darker flavours, you can still taste them a bit when you swap to a different vape juice. Again, you can clean the vaporiser to help minimise this, but that’s just an annoying extra step.

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Two Things You Need to Do to Become a Vaping Connoisseur

That’s right, you read that correctly, I said “vaping connoisseur”. Just as wine has connoisseurs, so does vaping, and I’m not being posh by saying that! It’s true. Vaping juices come in a huge range of flavours and they have different consistencies and ingredients ratios. These all add up to the creation of juices that are different from one another, and this means that you can make value judgement on which is better.

OK, so some of it (maybe all of it) is down to personal taste, but I think it’s a good idea to become your own connoisseur. Work out which juices you really like, and then enjoy them fully. Life is about enjoying the moment, and you can definitely get more or less enjoyment out of vaping, depending on the juice you choose. Here are my top tips on becoming a vaping connoisseur.  

Clean the Palette

If your palette is not neutral, it will affect the taste of the liquid. For instance, if you’ve just eaten a fat curry with loads of chilies, onions, and garlic it will affect the taste of the e-juice. You won’t be able to judge it properly.

My advice is to try new juices when you have a clean palette. Don’t eat any strong flavours for at least 12 hours, and make sure that you rinse your mouth out with water before you sit down to enjoy your vape session.

Clean Your Instruments


If you’re smoking your e juice through an unclean vaporiser, then it’s highly likely changing the flavour of the juice. Some vaping juice UK is very subtle in flavour, so the presence of old vapours in your vaporiser is going to affect the flavour. This is something that many people forget to do – or don’t realise that they are supposed to do it – and then they wonder why a juice that they used to love begins to taste odd.

OK, so now you know how to become a connoisseur, and it doesn’t take too much effort. Just a bit of concentration and a little bit of cleaning is all you need to do.


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There’s that old classic song written 83 years ago about smoke getting in your eyes and it’s continued to do just that ever since.

As a non-smoker married to an avid smoker it can be very irritating. But you quickly learn that if you sit upside so the smoke goes the other way, the breeze will always change so that you will suffer sooner rather than later.

So these e-cigs seem to be a better option. Apart from the fact they don’t contain all the dozens of foul chemicals tobacco contains, it’s not smoke but vapor.

And with so many thousands of flavours there are some very pleasant aromas even for the non-smoker.

If you go online and look to buy eliquid, as they are sometimes termed, you will be amazed at the variety.

This relatively new product is based upon propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine with added flavours. The flavours are natural or synthetic just as used in the food industry.

For people trying to get off nicotine but can’t in one leap then some of these products contain varying amounts of that product. Others are nicotine free so you have to make sure to read the label.

One manufacturer of these products has done his own market research and concludes that the e-cig almost certainly helps people get off smoking altogether. This means that if a tobacco smoker wants to stop then the e-cig is the direction to go.

It’s also revealed that the best-selling juices are the ones much lower in nicotine than the higher levels. All this points to a gradual reduction so that the ex-conventional cigarette smoker will eventually stop the e-cig as well.

Globally, e-cigs is now a two billion dollar industry and contrary to the belief that because the flavours contain sweet products such as honey and berries there is absolutely no evidence that it is attracting under age children.

So if you are a heavy tobacco user and you realise that the doctor is right and your health is suffering then give it up immediately. And if you cannot do that, then do it gradually with e cigs.

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